Machining a Hydraulic Cylinder Rod for Hitachi ZX470 Excavator | Lathe Machining

In this video we are machining a new hydraulic cylinder rod for a Hitachi ZX470 excavator bucket cylinder. The original rod is damaged and has scratching the whole length of the chrome so this will be a re-rod machining job. In this video we start by machining and parting the eye off the damaged cylinder rod. We are using a 120mm diameter induction hardened chrome solid bar for the new rod. We need to machine both ends of the cylinder rod, the first end we are machining to fit the piston and cutting the external thread for the nut. The other end of the rod we also machine a spigot to fit the original rod eye, which is then welded using metal-cored wire to complete. We are using our TM-26120G lathe and WIA weldmatic 500i welder.

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